Dear patients,

B&A Therapeutics understands your desire to have as fast as possible an additional treatment which could improve disorders related to your disease. However, the compound that we are currently developing does not at present have the marketing authorization for this indication. Following encouraging results obtained from a previous study (Damier P. et al., 2016), a phase II clinical trial will be conducted shortly by B&A Therapeutics. In this context, around 60 patients will be recruited in France in order to demonstrate efficacy and tolerance of this new treatment.

As is the case in this type of studies, patients’ participation will follow a strict selection criteria defined in a clinical study protocol approved by regulatory authorities and which received a favorable opinion from an ethics committee. Such selection criteria might be, for example, the medical history, the stage of the disease or the severity of the disorders. Therefore, all patients will not be eligible for the clinical trial.

If you want to take part in the next clinical trial, you can provide your personal details using the form below. It will take place in a dozen specialized centers throughout France. B&A therapeutics will be able to put you in touch with the participating centers if you live near them. It is important to know that this study will be a double-blind study, meaning that patients will receive an active compound or a placebo without them being aware of such information.